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I am a TS escort and I've been offering my services since 2007. Before I started in the adult industry I spent 6 years in the RAF, 6 years working for a High Street bank and 11 years in the family business. Yes, I did start work at an early age.


I've had several other businesses in the past 16 years, but this is the one that I have most passion for and I really do enjoy the lifestyle it facilitates.

As of 14th April 2022, I now operate as a touring escort with my main focus revolving around making erotic content. If you'd like to meet me, you can find my available dates and locations on my home page.

I am 5ft 4, have a size 34F chest and a fully functional penis for you to lust over.

I have my own long blonde hair, a very smooth, hair-free and toned body, and a pair of very shapely legs.


I like the idea that when someone comes to see me, I know that they have enjoyed their time and I’ve helped them experience something very special. I also enjoy talking to people about subjects that they are unable to talk about with anyone else. I like to see myself as an educator, entertainer and therapist more than anything else.


If there is something that you wish to do whilst you are in my company then please do say. Any activity conducted in my presence is always consensual and requires all parties to agree and be aware of what is desired on any particular day.


There is a high expectation that we will become intimate and if your hygiene is not at an acceptable level, certain services will be declined. I will also only accept bookings where I am confident that I can fulfill your requests.

I'm confident that you'll agree that I look pretty hot and it shouldn't be any other way.  I live a reasonably healthy lifestyle and my main pleasures in life revolve around being fit and living in the countryside.

I attract many men from various backgrounds and the most common question asked is if I mind older, bigger or inexperienced guys. I don’t mind what you look like or how old you are (just be over 21!), as long as you are clean, friendly and respectful.


I’m more than happy to see you all - I judge people by how they behave and treat me; not how they look.


I'm also happy to teach you how to become a great lover.


It's very easy to make a date with me: just contact me and tell me what you'd like!

If you want to know more about me, I've a few interviews on the internet. I don't try and be anyone else. It's far easier to be myself and that way I don't need to remember anything. Besides, I can be me better than anyone else.