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Au revoir 2021

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for some time now. The problem has been that I believe that blogs should be kept positive and I haven’t been able to put anything together which could be seen in the slightest bit positive.

I’ve spent the first 10 months of the year in a fragile state, mainly to do with my Dad’s poor health which was due to his cancer and the treatment of it. He’s ok for the moment, incase you wondered. I’m quite surprised how I’ve managed to keep it altogether. Life for me has changed considerably since my breast augmentation 14 months ago and I see my work with a different set of eyes. I’m pleased to announce that my fitness is getting better following a decision to get my body repaired and fit for life. That can be covered in another blog sometime.

It has been an odd year and I’m still trying to piece things together. Why did certain things happen, should I have responded that way and how did I get to be in this position? I’m all good but there were far more situations this year that have left me with an undesirable feeling. There’s no time to go into detail here but I’ve had a million and one things going on and I’m in much higher demand than ever before. I’d love to say that everyone who contacted me turned out to be magnificent specimens of the human race; but I can’t. Added to that for some was an unwillingness to accept that I’m busy. A positive way of putting it would be that the intensity of desire for me has increased dramatically. I can understand given how much money, work and time I’ve ploughed into my business over the past two years and also how the effects of covid restrictions may have affected people, but how do I deal with the variety of scenarios that have been presented to me? I’m confident that my Dad’s health made things seem worse. but even without that, the stories I’ve accumulated outstrip previous years.

Back at home, people have found it hard to make bookings with me because I only have limited availability there. It used to be that the people who contacted me only had time available between 10am and 9pm Mon-Fri because they were travelling with work, but not now. My online business is now much bigger than it was two years ago, I continue to renovate properties and I’m back on the training regime to keep fit. It all takes time and due to the nature of the business, working from home gets the lowest priority. How it all works is that every month I’ll book in my escorting tours, film shoots and admin days which may consist of medical appointments, business meetings and afternoons at the hairdressers. I then add in weekends off and plan days to carry out renovations. For January 2022, I’ve currently got 10 days left that are available without adding in two film shoots, one day for a photo shoot and a kitchen fit to do.

Over Christmas I’ve been continuing with the renovations myself because the plasterer failed to turn up for work. Saved myself a bit of money doing it myself but it meant goodbye Christmas rest period.

I intend to put something together so that I can set aside a few days a month to work from home and have the rest of the time as complete shut down to enable my rest and recovery. Looking ahead, I can see that road coming to a junction. I’ll let you know if I decide to turn off onto another road. Nothing more to say at the moment.

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