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My enhanced breasts

The first time I had a serious conversation about having breast surgery was around 2008-2010. At the time, I didn’t present myself as Katie and I had quite a split life, something which is pretty normal for many trans people. Time passed, events happened and more people became familiar with Katie. What happened wasn’t an easy time for me but to cut a long story short, I found life to be easier when I started to live my own life and not have others try to live mine for me.

I wasn’t 100% sure that having breast augmentation was the right thing to do or that I wanted them until we arrived in Belgium one week before surgery. Having seen examples of some breast augmentation surgeries, I had concerns. I did a fair bit of homework on various surgeons and I didn’t consider timescales or price until I found the right person. I decided that if I was to have this surgery then I needed to be confident in whoever I asked to do it because I wanted to have no regrets. When it came to choosing what size, I told the surgeon that it needed to be in balance with the rest of my body. Some of the concerns that I had were the visibility of the scars and the overall look.

Following surgery, there was a period where the area was inflamed and it’s taken a while for everything to settle down. I also had a bit shaved off my nose and that’s taken longer than I thought for the swelling to subside. I was told 12 months and I now realise what he meant. The whole experience took quite a bit out of me as my body concentrated on the areas that needed healing. It only really became obvious at the end of January. I had also stopped taking my hormones for the surgery and when I started taking them again afterwards I put a fair bit of weight on before losing it again. The scar line that I have is 2 inches long and like any scar, it will take time to become less apparent. However, given the position of it, I can only see it if I lift my breast up and look in the mirror at the same time so it’s not something that bothers me.

So what’s it like to have them?

I love everything about them and they are part of me. I can do all the sports that I used to do, they give me a shape that I feel is highly desirable and they are great to touch. When I compare a photo of how I used to look with how I now look, there’s no question about which I prefer.

I wouldn’t be without them!

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