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No longer working from home

Updated: Apr 6

I’m going to stop escorting from my Staffordshire/Derbyshire home location by Easter. It is quite possible that I wont offer these services again from said address.

Why the change?

When we went into lockdown, I put more of an effort into my online services. That business continues to grow and I can't ignore that fact.

In 2020 I had breast augmentation and in 2021 I addressed an injury I had. I’m now back doing more sport, more filming days and touring just as much as before. When I look in my diary, I can see three spare days between Mid March and Mid April. The requests to meet at my home location is a 24 hr drip feed and no matter what I do, I can’t funnel the business into the days that I’m available. As a result, I’ve felt like I’ve been on call 24hrs a day for the past few years and I’ve had enough. I need time to switch off and this is the only way of doing it.

I'm now 45 years old, financially secure and I want to enjoy life.

What I may do is add East Midlands airport to my list of touring locations. This is a location that I used way back in 2008 with a degree of success.

Edit. 6th April. I no longer work from my home location

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