You can find my content available to purchase at the following sites. I now film my content in 4K but due to file size restrictions and the age of some the content, some films on certain sites are only available in 1080 or 720HD. Which site is the best really depends on what you are looking for as no two sites operate exactly the same. 

A quick guide is the left column is rental and the majority of the right is purchase. Manyvids has an option to rent my catalogue along with purchasing individual movies.

What site you buy off is mainly down to what other content you are looking to buy. As of March 2022, I would say many vids is the one for me to purchase off. I believe all of my for sale content is on there.

With regards rentals, my full movies can be viewed on faphouse, manyvids and xvideos at a monthly fee.

Just for fans is a fans site like what you've understood onlyfans to be like.

Adultwork is one off charge videos to rent, for me priced at under £3. It also offers phone chat, photo galleries and erotica.

I want clips specialises in femdom videos but not more of my clips.

For me it's pretty much all the same content but it depends where you want to view it. I hope that this has helped you.