I often tour throughout Great Britain and will be back touring very soon.

I'm continually getting asked when I will be coming back to various locations. Touring at the moment is last minute.

My best advice is to check my adultwork profile for my exact location on any given day or the tours tab on there. Link is below.


I take bookings on the day and as long as I'm not currently with someone or out food shopping I'm usually available straight away. I don't take bookings hours or days in advance, just call me when you are ready to come. It's what works best for me when touring. If I ask you to confirm 30 mins before, it's because my experience has flagged something up. If you don't confirm, I'll block your number.

When I take bookings I'll need to speak to you to just say hi, ask what you're looking to do and give you any instructions for when you arrive.


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