I often tour throughout Great Britain and I'll be mainly working in the South of England and S. Wales during 2021. I tend to work close to motorways but it is possible that you may find me in central London this year on a few occasions.

I'm continually getting asked when I will be coming back to various locations. I usually return to most locations every 3 to 6 months. What is listed below is all the information I have. Asking for more info wont produce a different answer.


Up and coming tours


Sheffield 2nd +3rd
London Euston Cancelled
Reading 31st

Reading 1st-2nd
Heathrow 3rd-5th
Grays/Thurrock 6th-9th

Heathrow 10th-13th

October TBC



One or two more locations

I take bookings on the day and I'm usually available straight away as long as I'm not with someone or out food shopping.  I don't take bookings hours or days in advance, just call me when you are ready to come. It's what works best for me when touring. If I ask you to confirm 30 mins before, it's because my experience has flagged something up. If you don't confirm, I'll block your number.

When I take bookings I'll need to speak to you to just say hi, ask what you're looking to do and give you any instructions for when you arrive.